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Our Story

Hi, we are Andrew & Rebecca, the founders of Cellardoor Creations. We specialise in unique, quality handcrafted designs, repurposed from aged French Oak wine barrels. We have recently added a new collection to our business, plywood quote boards.
This collaboration is borne from a love of timber and great design.
Each piece is handcrafted by us with care and attention to detail in our workshop, on our property near Harvey in the beautiful South West of Western Australia.

Our life time pieces are the perfect gift for the wine loving, eco conscious loved one who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

"Each design captures a little part of Western Australia's great wine regions and brings it into your home."


Our Barrels

 We only use the finest wine barrels for our home wares. We use French oak, ex red wine barrels sourced from wineries in the Geographe, Margaret River and Great Southern wine regions of Western Australia.
Each of our barrels has a wealth of history before it comes into our workshop to be repurposed. The oak tree grows for 80 -100 years in a European forrest, before it is made into a barrel. A further half decade or so is spent in the wineries of Western Australia, enriching premium vintages before they are repurposed by us and then enter your home as individual decorative pieces which you can enjoy for many years to come.

We recycle 100% of each barrel.

Our Ethos
Since we use wine barrels reclaimed from the wine industry, we pride ourselves in producing zero waste. We do this by powering our workshop by renewables and by recycling 100% of each barrel. We are able to use different parts of the barrel for different designs :-


  • Head boards for lazy susan's and large boards

  • Staves for Christmas trees, candle holders, bottle & glass holders and hearts.

  • Hoops for handles and Christmas wreaths.

  • Off cuts for BBQ/smoker chips.

  • Sawdust for compost.

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